Monday, May 11, 2009

Sustainable Shawnee Gets Trashy!

Sustainable Shawnee visited Greenstar Recycling in Oklahoma City in April. Greenstar, formerly known as Midland Recycling, accepts most of the recyclables collected from the Shawnee recycling program. We had a great visit and learned a lot about what items can be recycled as well as how they should be prepared before dropping them off at the Homeland center. With the new information, we're finalizing a 'How-to Recycle in Shawnee' that should be ready soon. Cody has posted her photos from the trip online. Use the user name: recycling and the password: trash for access.

Post your comments and questions about the visit below. We'll get back to you!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sustainable Shawnee in the News!

On April 24th, Sustainable Shawnee was presented by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board with a check for $4,450 to conduct water education in Shawnee. Several Sustainable Shawnee members were on hand at the City Hall to enjoy the moment along with Rep. Kris Steele, Sen. Charlie Laster and Mayor Linda Peterson. Thanks to everyone for a job well done!

Shawnee's Water Conservation Program would focus on three areas: Public Awareness, Youth Education, and Low-Water Landscaping. The grant will support elementary school field trips, a college-level seminar, a native plant park and drip irrigation project, and public water conservation education. Sustainable Shawnee will collaborate with several partners including the City of Shawnee, the Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality, the Shawnee Council of Garden Clubs and local schools to carry out the Campaign this spring and fall called, "Water: Use it Wisely." The Shawnee Council of Garden Clubs has already begun work on the native plants and drip irrigation garden on the corner of Broadway and Main St. We'll keep you posted!