Friday, December 10, 2010

Oklahoma-based AES/Shady Point Calls Allegations Over Coal Fly Ash Site "Unsupported"

Update on Rosemary Crawford's activities on behalf of the citizens of Bokoshe, OK.

BOKOSHE, Oklahoma – An Oklahoma power company at the center of the environmental battle held a news conference to clear the air Wednesday. The fight is centered around a fly ash dump site in the tiny town of Bokoshe, in LeFlore County.

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Fly ash is a byproduct of burned coal. It's full of heavy metals like arsenic and lead that are known to be harmful to people. For ten years, the AES power plant has been transporting fly ash off their site by the truckload and dumping at a site in Bokoshe. It's become the largest dump site of its kind in the state.Bokoshe residents are fighting to stop the dumping. They claim it's caused various health problems including cancer and respiratory issues."We have had a very bad rash of cancers and respiratory problems." Charles Tackett, Bokoshe resident, said.

They say they can't prove the connection, but the closest residents to the fly ash site have come down with respiratory problems and a host of cancers. In fact, some of the residents recently put up a sign that says welcome to Bokoshe, home of a toxic fly ash dump. In a news conference Wednesday, a spokesman for the power company denied any link to illness, said they're tired of hearing the false accusations, and that they're not going anywhere.

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