Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bike Routes in Shawnee!

Sustainable Shawnee hosted Randall Entz Transportation Planner for the City of Oklahoma City to speak about OKC's experience with bike routes and trails.

Mr. Entz observed,"Commerce happens at 3 mph not 30." Providing for pedestrians and cyclists and vehicle traffic has anecdotally increased business for OKC's downtown. "We've noticed a return of locally-owned restaurants and shops which is great for the community." Mr. Entz also believes the areas where bike lanes and paths are designated are safer for both drivers and pedestrians/cyclists." ignage needs to be clear and not open to interpretation. As drivers and cyclists learn the rules of the road together, accidents will hopefully be reduced. He hopes to have actual data in the coming months as these improvements are studied further.

The City of Shawnee is drafting a bike route plan for our community now. The early plan will be reviewed by the Traffic Commission on January 22nd. The commission welcomes public comment on the plan especially from people who frequently bike, jog or walk on our city streets. Contact Mike Ludi, Assistant City Engineer, at mludi@shawneeok.org with bike route questions or comments and help our community have the most "user-friendly" plan possible.

Shawnee's proposed bike route plans are in the news! Here's the link for a recent Shawnee News-Star article and be on the look out for an upcoming peice in the Shawnee Outlook!

Click here for a Mr. Entz's complete presentation and like Sustainable Shawnee's Facebook page for updated bike route information.