Friday, April 29, 2011

US Postal Service Features New Sustainability Stamps

Go Green! Its' Easier Than You Think!

Want to help the planet? Start with the person.

Governments and corporations are taking major steps to reduce their environmental impact — including the United States Postal Service (read how here) — but the opportunity to live greener belongs to each of us. The new Go Green stamps help show us how.

These positive steps — from riding bikes to planting trees — won’t help just the environment. They’ll help your environment, encouraging better health, lower energy bills, and maybe even a little shade a few summers from now.

Yet whenever the environment is discussed, the line between motivation and guilt trip is easily crossed. So the illustrator for the project needed both a passion for the subject and an accessible style — someone with a proven track record for communicating in ways that are both environmentally friendly and . . . friendly. “The idea was to keep it light,” says art director Derry Noyes, “not to scold as if shaking a finger and saying, ‘Go do all these things and make the planet better.’

Click here for the complete article and additional stamp images.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shawnee's Community Garden is Officially Opened!

Shawnee's Community Garden is officially opened! What a beautiful day and what a beautiful garden!

While thanks could never be enough, many thanks to Traci Westbrook, Timothy McCollum, Larry Smith, Jenny and Michael Clark, the Justice Mission and Sustainable Shawnee members for their hard work and tremendous skill.

In addition to the music, children's games and ribbon cutting, we planted many a few new low-tech barrels designed for our use from 55-gallon barrels donated by Direct Colors Inc. Community gardeners have planted swiss chard, spinach, various lettuces, carrots and onions. Everything is growing robustly and I'm sure will be ready soon.

Read our press on the community garden! The Journal Record featured us in April and the Countywide did a beautiful story on our opening day.

The garden is located on the corner of Park and Wall St, two blocks North of Independence. For more information on the garden and scheduled work days, visit our facebook page.