Monday, May 9, 2011

Oklahomans Asked to Comment Online About Keyston XL Oil Pipeline

The Tar Sands Pipeline, otherwise known as the Keyston XL, from Canada to Houston, TX would carry some of the dirtest fuel on earth through Oklahoma on it's way to the port. The fuel will then be shipped to China for their use only. The pipeline would pass as close to Shawnee as Cushing and Seminole. The pipeline has a poor safety and environmental record with several dangerous and expensive spills in Minnesota and North Dakota over recent months.

Concerns have been raised about the quality of the materials used to construct the pipeline as well as spill response times in locations where spills have already occurred. Activists in 6 states have protested the construction of this pipeline and have urged the US government to shut the construction down. Proponents look at this as an economic growth opportunity as well as a source of energy close to home. The question that remains for many is at what cost.

Oklahomans have been asked to comment to the EPA and President Obama about this pipeline. I hope you will share your concerns with our government and see that the views of Oklahomans are heard today on a matter that will affect us for many generations to come. Click here to make your comment now. For more information, visit