Thursday, March 1, 2012

“Smart-Metering Electricity At Home: What Does It Mean For You?”
Guest Speaker: Penny Seale, OG&E will discuss the energy and money saving benefits of the new OG&E Smart Metering Program.

What is a Smart Meter System? The smart grid uses a secure wireless network for two-way, real-time communication with smart meters installed on the outside of customer homes. In the future, that meter could communicate with programmable thermostats or other technology inside customers’ homes.

The smart meter allows OG&E to remotely read, connect and disconnect service. It is part of a secure system that allows you to see your energy use and cost information anytime on a secure website called

Smart Meters have been installed in most Shawnee homes. To find out how they work and how you can save energy at home, join us for the next Sustainable Shawnee meeting! Questions? Email