Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sustainable Shawnee/Shawnee Peace Fellowship Christmas Dinner

Sustainable Shawnee and the Shawnee Peace Fellowship Christmas Dinner has been set! Join us at the Owl Shoppe on Main St. for a very festive gathering on Tuesday, Dec. 17th at 6:30 pm. We'll have a wonderful 4 course meal with wine (or the non-alcoholic beverage of your choice). BYOB if you wish. Musical entertainment will also be provided. The price is $25/person and we will need an RSVP. We have only 50 seats available so let us know right away if you wish to attend. RSVP to sustainableshawnee@gmail.com or by message to Facebook by Friday, December 13th and confirm whether you'd prefer a Vegetarian, Beef or Salmon entree.

Friday, November 22, 2013

25 Tons of Electronic Waste Recycled at Community Event

25 tons of electronics collected
Local recycling event diverts two truckloads from landfill.
Posted Nov. 21, 2013 @ 11:37 am

Sustainable Shawnee, the Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, Natural Evolution of Tulsa and Direct Colors Inc. held a free electronic waste recycling event recently for Shawnee and surrounding communities.
“We diverted two truckloads or approximately 25 tons of electronics from the landfill at this event.” said Shawna Turner, President of Sustainable Shawnee and general manager for Direct Colors. “All the material collected will be shredded and responsibly recycled in the United States.”
Traci Phillips with Natural Evolution, an electronics recycler from Tulsa, told Sustainable Shawnee members that “over 2.5 billion tons of electronic waste is created worldwide each year.
Electronics contain everything from the benign to the extremely hazardous and virtually everything can be recycled in some way. Toxic materials like lead and heavy metals can easily leach out of irresponsibly disposed of electronic waste into surrounding soils and water. Recycling saves landfill space, allows for reuse and prevents unnecessary pollution.”

For the complete article, visit the Shawnee News-Star Website.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Join Us for the Don't Waste: Create! Art Reception at Mabee-Garrer!

Friday, November 8thReception, 7pm
Mabee- Gerrer Museum of Art, St. Gregory's University

2013 Regional Art Exhibition at Mabee-Gerrae Museum at St. Gregory's University featuring art made from repurposed materials.Sustainable Shawnee has been selected as this year’s community charity so enter your art project,
www.mgmoa.org/exhibitions/upcoming-exhibits/regional-2013-entry-info/, and bring newspapers, magazines or other paper to recycle for free museum admission.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

2013 Tapas at Twilight 5th Annual Local Foods Dinner


Special Thanks to Harvest Creek Farms, Jerri Parker, Grangeville Tea Room, The Old Owl Shoppe, Giorgio's Pizza, Kim's Place, Gliori's, SPAR (Saving Pets At Risk) and our own Sustainable Shawnee members for preparing what must have been the best food ever for our event. Remember that these businesses are open year round and I hope you'll continue to give them your support.
We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shawnee City Commission Curbside Recycling Workshop September 3rd

Congratulations Shawnee! You will be curbside recycling before the new year! After many years of hard work and advocacy, the city commission voted to begin curbside recycling in Shawnee. Hooray! Though some of the details are still being worked out, the program should be in place within 60-90 days. We should be recycling essentially what we are now at the drop-off centers but further details and community education will be forthcoming.
Please take a moment to thank Commissioners Stephens, Smith, Winterringer, Hall and Mayor Mainord for their leadership. It takes courage to lead and they have shown it. Make sure they know how much you appreciate their efforts.
Thank you to everyone who called, wrote and attended in support of recycling over the years.
wes.mainord@shawneeok.org - Mayor Wes Mainord
pstephens@shawneeok.org - Commissioner Pam Stephens
keith.hall@shawneeok.org - Commissioner Keith Hall
jdwinterringer@shawneeok.org - Commissioner John Winterringer
ssmith@shawneeok.org - Commissioner Steve Smith


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paula Waters, Avedis Foundation, to Speak at March Meeting

Paula Waters with Avedis Foundation spoke about how the foundation plans to support health, wellness and quality of life in Shawnee at our March Meeting.

Avedis Foundation supports projects that directly benefit people from the communities we serve. Our interests include initiatives that nurture the community by promoting healthy lifestyles in one
or more of these areas:

• Physical wellness
• Intellectual well-being
• Emotional wellness
• Social well-being
• Environmental well-being
• Spiritual well-being

We greatly appreciated Paula's presentation and discussion. I'm glad so many were able to join us. We'll meet again on May 9th at the Shawnee Community Garden on Park and Wall Sts. at 6:30pm. Our speaker will be announced later this month. Thanks as always for your ongoing support of Sustainable Shawnee.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

City Commission Adopts Proposed Bike Routes for Shawnee

I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank everyone who attended last night's commission meeting and wrote emails of support to our commissioners. When I asked for the bike route supporters in the room to stand last night, fully two-thirds of the audience stood. Your emails created an opportunity to discuss the proposed plan and your attendance conveyed the deep community support for cycling and running in Shawnee. Each of you was responsible for making a difference last night so thank you for caring and for "showing up" in the many ways you did. Having said all that, there's still work to be done so roll up your sleeves and let's get started!!!!
Please take a moment to express your gratitude to the Commissioners that supported the bike route plan:

wes.mainord@shawneeok.org - Mayor Wes Mainord
pstephens@shawneeok.org - Commissioner Pam Stephens
keith.hall@shawneeok.org - Commissioner Keith Hall
ssmith@shawneeok.org - Commissioner Steve Smith

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bike Routes in Shawnee!

Sustainable Shawnee hosted Randall Entz Transportation Planner for the City of Oklahoma City to speak about OKC's experience with bike routes and trails.

Mr. Entz observed,"Commerce happens at 3 mph not 30." Providing for pedestrians and cyclists and vehicle traffic has anecdotally increased business for OKC's downtown. "We've noticed a return of locally-owned restaurants and shops which is great for the community." Mr. Entz also believes the areas where bike lanes and paths are designated are safer for both drivers and pedestrians/cyclists." ignage needs to be clear and not open to interpretation. As drivers and cyclists learn the rules of the road together, accidents will hopefully be reduced. He hopes to have actual data in the coming months as these improvements are studied further.

The City of Shawnee is drafting a bike route plan for our community now. The early plan will be reviewed by the Traffic Commission on January 22nd. The commission welcomes public comment on the plan especially from people who frequently bike, jog or walk on our city streets. Contact Mike Ludi, Assistant City Engineer, at mludi@shawneeok.org with bike route questions or comments and help our community have the most "user-friendly" plan possible.

Shawnee's proposed bike route plans are in the news! Here's the link for a recent Shawnee News-Star article and be on the look out for an upcoming peice in the Shawnee Outlook!

Click here for a Mr. Entz's complete presentation and like Sustainable Shawnee's Facebook page for updated bike route information.