Monday, April 30, 2012

Sustainable Shawnee at St. Gregory's Art Trek 2012

Donna Schoenkopf at the Sustainable Shawnee Booth
Sustainable Shawnee's Cody Deem and Donna Schoenkopf spent a beautiful Saturday at St. Gregory's Art Trek. Sustainable Shawnee has had a children's booth at the Earth Day event for several years now and we enjoy showing kids how to reuse items they have at home. Rather than throw away magazines, small tin cans and the like use them for arts and crafts activities with the kids! Of course, don't forget the recycle the rest! Thanks again for your support of the arts and education.

Happy Earth Day!

Sustainable Shawnee Participates in Trash Off! 2012

Sustainable Shawnee participated in a nationwide initative called Trash Off! on April 21st in honor of Earth Day. Several civic groups, church youth groups and families pick up trash along roadways around the city. Sustainable Shawnee was assigned Bryan between Independence and Highland along with a short section of Independence south of Bryan.Sustainable Shawnee president, Shawna Turner said, "I picked up 3 full bags of trash from about 500 yards of road on either side of Independence south of Bryan. I couldn't believe how much trash was hidden in the weeds and just what people were throwing out of their cars. It was an education! My advice to the city is areas that are regularly mowed attract a lot less trash than areas that aren't. So mow and enforce mowing statutes along roadways as much as possible to reduce litter."

Shawna Turner and "Puppy"

Sustainable Shawnee is considering participating in the city's Adopting-a-Street program and would appreciate feedback from members. Would this be a productive use of our time? Would the group support the activity? Let us know at sustainableshawnee@