Thursday, February 12, 2009

Clean Coal - Don't You Believe It!

Coal companies are spending huge sums of money marketing coal as "clean" rather than actually making it so. Many organizations are fighting back with the real risks of burning coal for energy in the United States. Here are some fast facts everyone should know:

Coal plants are the largest source of human-generated mercury, a potent neurotoxin, and emitter of Carbon Dioxide in the US. Mountaintop mining, a significant source of US coal, is causing massive flooding and habitat destruction in West Virginia. The burning of coal generates more than 120 million tons of ash, slag, and sludge annually all of which cause dangerous pollution if not handled properly. Fine particulate pollution from US power plants cuts short the lives of thousands annually contributing to asthma, bronchitis and emphysema in both adults and children. Though AEP/Shady Point, coal-fired power plant in Poteau, has recently tabled plans to expand their facility in Poteau, Oklahomans need to be more aware of how burning coal affects their everyday lives. Sustainable Shawnee's Rosemary Crawford in conjunction with the Energy Foundation and the Center for Energy Matters is helping to educate Oklahomans about the dangers of burning coal for electricity. For more information on toxic emissions in your own backyard or anywhere in the U.S., visit

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