Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oklahoma Legislative Update and Action Alert

OSN is collaborating with the Sierra Club to educate the public on the legislative process. There are several high profile bills of interest in this year's session, including nuclear and alternative energy, green jobs, solar and wind tax credits, among others. Bud Scott, lobbyist for the Sierra Club, has compiled a brief report on the most important bills to help keep people informed and engaged. I encourage you to read the report but more valuable still, contact your legislators about the bills you think would or would not be in the best interest of our state and your families. Phone calls are best but don't wait to contact your Senator and Representative today because important votes take place every week at this time of year.

Contact Your Legislator:

Senator Charlie Laster- 521-5539 or
Representative Kris Steele- 557-7345 or
Representative Shane Jett- 557-7349 or

If you would like to receive Sierra Club Action Alerts by email, visit to sign-up and recieve timely information on key issues.

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