Friday, March 25, 2011

Sustainability Meeting in Edmond Brings Strong Opinions

A forum was held in Edmond for city staff to learn what people think about sustainability. Many in attendance expressed disapproval of Edmond's membership in an international group with ties to the United Nations.

People upset with city leaders over Edmond's membership in an international organization with ties to the United Nations were given the opportunity this week to tell leaders what they thought.

Only one of the 31 people who spoke at a 2½-hour forum about Edmond's sustainability program talked about sustainable development as it related to environmental issues.

Everyone else accused city staff of following an alleged United Nation's plan to take away people's rights and property.

Edmond joined the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives in November 2009. The city has paid $2,400 in dues over two years. The dues were reimbursed with money from an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block grant, City Manager Larry Stevens said.

City officials said they joined the council to utilize computer software that calculates and converts data to determine the effectiveness of energy savings technology, Stevens said.

When the city joined the council, city staff said, they were not aware of the organization's ties to the United Nations and its program called Agenda 21.

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