Monday, November 28, 2011

2011 Recycling Christmas Wish List

1. Call Central Disposal at 275-5854 and ask to be placed on the Curbside Recycling for Shawnee list. The more people that call, the closer we are to making curbside a reality for Shawnee!

2. While talking to Central Disposal, ask them to provide you with a 75-gallon trash container rather than the 90+ bin you presently have. Save money AND send less trash to the landfill in 2012!

3. Recycle your old/damaged Christmas lights at LOWE’s this season. The recycling center is located next to the entrance just inside the store. They are recycling rechargeable batteries and compact fluorescent bulbs as well so make a trip of it!

4. Read over Sustainable Shawnee’s Recycling in Shawnee 2011 to see what can be recycled in town and where to take it!

Happy Holidays From Sustainable Shawnee!

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